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Finding duplicate device IDs in Visual BACnet

Finding duplicate device IDs in VisualBACnet

Having unique device IDs in BACnet systems is extremely important. Yet, due to fix-value defaults, changes in systems, or incorrect programming, having duplicate device IDs can be common. Unfortunately, finding the root of these duplicate device IDs is very difficult, and nearly impossible in Wireshark.

Diagnostic checks in VisualBACnet

Visual BACnet quickly highlights duplicate device IDs and provides a quick way to drill down and find the devices with conflicting IDs.

1) Duplicate device ID is one of the “Device Checks." Also, note that the presence of duplicate device IDs deducts 20% off the overall BACnet system Network Health Score.


2) Drill down to find more details by clicking on the “Duplicate Device ID” row. From this page, you can find which device ID is used by more than one device, and drill down to find the SNET and SADR, and even dissect the packet down to the details.


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Posted by Daniel Tan

Software Engineer, Optigo Networks


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