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Finding error responses in Visual BACnet

error responses

Error responses on your network should be one of the first things you resolve. They’re typically linked to incompatibility between vendors or incorrect programming. Visual BACnet can help you quickly make sense of BACnet error messages, freeing up your time for other priorities.

Start by navigating to the Error Responses row, under Other Checks in the Diagnostic Checks section.
error responses

This will take you to a list of all the Error Responses in your capture. By clicking on the PDU Type (Error), you’ll get details of the source, destination, and response time in each packet. You can choose the packet that interests you, and it will provide the error and the confirm request packet that caused the error.

error responses

Open the Error packet to access the frame information. This will help you understand the error. By going into the Confirmed-REQ (below), for example, you can see that it's asking for Object Type 278, which isn’t defined by ASHRAE — it’s vendor specific. This means the error is happening because the device does not know about this Object Type 278.

error responses

Now that we know this, we can look into the configuration of the object and the receiver to fix the problem. Happy troubleshooting!

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Posted by Daniel Tan

Software Engineer, Optigo Networks


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