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Introducing new pricing plans and more!

New Features

The Optigo Networks team has been busy building out several new features for Visual BACnet! We are so excited to launch version 1.8.6 on March 8, which will include annual plans, device vendor details, and updated reports.

Learn more about what you can expect from the latest version of Visual BACnet!

Annual plans

Our annual plans for Visual BACnet are changing to have uploads available on a yearly basis, rather than a set number of uploads that renew monthly. If you’re on a basic annual account, for example, you will get 120 upload credits per year, rather than 10 per month. We have made this change  to better fit with the cyclical, fluctuating nature of the industry, where you might need only a handful of uploads one month, and 15 another. Whatever your account level — basic, advanced, small team, or large team — our annual plans are flexible enough to suit your troubleshooting and commissioning needs. For more details, check out our pricing

Vendor details

You’re in Visual BACnet, and you see problems on the network. You drill down to pinpoint which devices are acting up, but all you get is a vendor ID. Then you have to Google the BACnet vendor list to figure out whose device is causing problems. We’re simplifying this process and saving you time by pointing you directly to the source.

Now you will see in Visual BACnet exactly which vendor is behind which device: rather than a vendor ID, you’ll get the name of the manufacturer, so you immediately know who to contact. You can go straight to the vendor and get the help you need sooner.


Updated reports

Our new reports export the exact same, detailed information you’ll find on Visual BACnet into a PDF report. Visual BACnet’s reports used to show the number of duplicate devices on a network, but now you’ll get the devices’ IP addresses as well. When you see error responses on the network, the report will also show the sources and destinations that have triggered the errors, rather than just the number of error responses. The added detail means you don’t have to pull up Visual BACnet at a remote site; you’ll have all the information you need to troubleshoot right in the generated report. This is far more convenient, particularly when you’re working at a high-security site without Internet access.

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Posted by Monica McMahen

Marketing Manager, Optigo Networks


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