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Revolutionizing Site Monitoring with Contemporary Controls

contemporary controlsWhen your MS/TP network breaks down and you have to capture data for diagnosis, you’d better hope you’re in the building. Otherwise, it means driving to site for the lengthy process of locating the router in question, using your USB dongle to capture the network data you need, and then sorting through the packets in Wireshark to untangle the issue.

This seems more than a little inefficient — it’s downright time-consuming and costly. So time consuming that it often simply doesn’t happen. That is why Optigo Networks is collaborating with Chicago-based Contemporary Controls to release a new one-of-a-kind product integration that streamlines the process of site monitoring and diagnostics of BACnet MS/TP systems.

With this new integration, Contemporary Controls’ BASrouterLX will be able to schedule regular captures to track the status of a network over time, or trigger captures remotely as needed. These captures will then automatically be pushed into Visual BACnet and ready to assess and diagnose regularly, or when something goes wrong. This unique collaboration streamlines and simplifies site monitoring, saving time, energy, and money. It pairs two user-friendly devices, without sacrificing either product’s powerful capabilities.

Contemporary Controls’ BASrouterLX is an industry-leading router that collects all of the data you need — BACnet/IP, BACnet/Ethernet, and BACnet MS/TP — on a high-speed processor. It supports 50 BBMD entries with its high-performance memory, which is capable of MS/TP frame capture and storage.Visual BACnet integration with Contemporary Controls

Optigo Networks’ Visual BACnet is an innovative platform for network analysis and diagnosis. A network’s health is assessed based on a set of industry-approved diagnostic  checks to identify common issues. Teams can collaborate on sites or files, or share the information with vendors to find the solution. This concrete visualization and drill-down method will quickly expose network issues, and allow you to focus on the solution.

Learn more about this new collaboration in Optigo’s upcoming webinar Introducing Contemporary Controls BASRouterLX and Visual BACnet Integration, January 25, featuring Dan Ronald from Optigo Networks and Harpartap Parmar from Contemporary Controls. Click here to register.

This new integration will be on display at AHR Expo January 30 – February 1 at booth C861 (Optigo Networks) and C1458 (Contemporary Controls).

Read the press releases (technical and public).

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Posted by Monica McMahen

Marketing Manager, Optigo Networks


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