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New site sharing on Visual BACnet!

October 11, 2017

Version 1.9.9 features new BACnet Browser histogram and site sharing

The developers at Optigo Networks have been hard at work, adding exciting new features to Visual BACnet. Here are just a few of the latest updates to version 1.9.9, released on October 10th:

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Look who’s one! A year in review with Visual BACnet

September 10, 2017

How Visual BACnet has changed over a year of development

One year ago today, Optigo launched Visual BACnet. When we released the advanced visualization tool on September 10th, it had already been through months of beta testing, feedback, and development. We had revised, refined, and repeated. We knew that a powerful diagnostics and analytics engine would drive the future of BACnet and smart buildings worldwide. We...

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Capturing packets in Wireshark

August 28, 2017

Your step-by-step guide to navigating Wireshark

Does the thought of running Wireshark make you nervous? Wireshark’s got a reputation for being more than a bit challenging. With a little practice, though, you can get so much value out of the program. The first step is to capture, so here’s our step-by-step guide!

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Your guide to capturing MS/TP

August 21, 2017

Get the packets you need, troubleshoot, and go

Do you dread the letters “MS/TP”? If you’ve ever had to capture MS/TP traffic, you probably do. It’s a complicated process, and can mean a lot of trial and error. You can’t ignore MS/TP traffic and hope for the best, though. Eventually you have to roll up your sleeves, pull out your USB, and dig in.

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Five ways to securely analyze BACnet data

August 14, 2017

You’ve spotted a problem on your BACnet network. Devices are dropping like flies, with no apparent explanation. You need to get a packet capture (pcap) if you want to dig in and untangle what’s happening. But the IT department’s worried what sensitive information could be leaked if you pull any data. You’re at a stand-off, with conflicting needs.

Trying to convince your IT department that you can safely pull pcap files?...

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How to find and solve duplicate networks

August 10, 2017

Stop the duplicate networks and get devices back online

Controllers are offline. You try resetting your BACnet router to get them back on. It works, and the controllers come online… But then the controllers off of a different router go offline, and you have to solve the problem all over again.

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How to filter for BACnet traffic

August 9, 2017

Get all the data you need, and none that you don’t

Is your IT department super security-conscious? Maybe they’ve asked you to start filtering and scrubbing all your packet captures (pcaps), and you don’t know where to begin?

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Secure your packet captures

August 3, 2017

Anonymize pcaps easily with Wireshark and WireEdit

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Do you know your BACnet network?

August 1, 2017

Monitor your network to stop problems from growing 

BACnet networks are pretty predictable. Apart from new device additions, the network activity is normally very regular and regimented: lighting and HVAC go on and off according to tenants’ needs, while surveillance and security systems remain on. Problems like devices dropping offline, breakers restarting, and a slow network don’t just suddenly erupt out of nowhere… Or...

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Report on network health with Visual BACnet

July 24, 2017

All the detail you need with two tiers of reporting

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